13 Weeks to a Money Making Blog (Week 1)

The idea of blogging for money has been bouncing around in my head since May.  In the past three months I have gone through every phase from “it’s good for them, but not for me” to “i can totally make this work”. Then one day it happened, I told myself I needed to commit or move on.

Somehow I found myself on the blog “Chasing Foxes” which is run by a couple that started blogging in March 2016 and less than a year later they live off their blog earnings. Let’s take a peak at their earnings.

In May 2016: $500
in Jul 2016: $2,994.13
in Sep 2016: $5,973.06
in Oct 2016: $7,530.93
in Nov 2016: $11,134.33
in Dec 2016: $19,194.85
in Jan 2017: 14,844.37

This is a total of $62,000 in just over a year and two months (Jun & Aug) aren’t included. We have to keep in mind that they pay business expenses and taxes out of this money. Even taking this into consideration their accomplishments are impressive.

Reading their story made me commit to starting a blog with the purpose of making money.

Simon Sinek say “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”


On might think that money is my driving factor but this isn’t the case. My heart & mind are in it for the challenge to see if I can start from ground zero and build a money making blog within a  year. It’s very much the thrill of the chase for me.


Money will be the reward for my success and I plan to do the following:

1. Pay expenses
2. Give 10% (on earnings after tax)
3. Taxes 30% (on earnings after tax)
4. Save 30% (on earnings after tax)*
5. Reinvest 30% (on earnings after tax)

*The money planned for savings will ultimately go towards paying my house. If all goes well, it will be paid off in under 5 years.


I plan to start a blog, separate from this one, a Facebook and Pinterest account from scratch and apply what I learn from the blogging community around the web. Everyone is so helpful in providing How To posts, YouTube videos and podcast. I may test some things out on this blog , but it is not my intent to turn this to my challenge and this blog is not self hosted.

The Self Journal is a journal designed to help one reach a set goal in 90 days. This will be the tool were I track wins and losses over the next 90 days.

Are you blogging to make money? What is your WHY?
Do you know of a blogging community or would you like to start one?



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