Last week I decided to give Lidl a chance to earn my grocery shopping business. During the first trip I  only saved $1.67. 


Lidl Walmart
Aluminum Foil  $1.99  $2.52
garlic Salt  $1.19  $1.23
Unsalted Butter  $2.39  $2.74
Chopped Spinach  $1.39  $1.00
Zucchini  $0.76  $0.65
Sweet Potatoes  $0.83  $0.66
Granny Smith Apples  $3.29  $3.94
Russet Potatoes  $0.66  $1.05
Chuck Roast  $9.26  $12.30
Large Eggs  $0.49  $1.98
Dishwasher Tablets  $3.99  $4.06
Purex Detergent  $5.97  $5.97
TOTAL  $32.21  $38.09

The savings this week  was $5.88. Once again it wasn’t anything to write home about, but I do understand every penny helps. Lidl did not have everything on my list, so that means and addition trip to another store. Here are the things not sold at Lidl – almond extract, Au Jus mix, ranch dressing mix or  Brussel sprouts (fresh).

I may shop at Lidl from time to time, but I am not going to drive the extra distance to do it on a weekly basis. The time spent on the extra mileage and running to a second store is more valuable to me than the savings.


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