Finally Found a Roomie!!!

At last, I found a roomie.


The roommate search started forever ago (January) and it has finally come to an end. For anyone looking for a roommate I want you to know things are slow moving in Jan-Apr. After May it seems like everyone is moving for one reason or another. I connected with 30 to 40 people. Several were guys and I was looking for a female, a few were flaky, one decided to get her own apartment, one was leary of the neighborhood due to her friends opinions, one was a party animal and one was a good fit.

As we all know it takes money to make money.

  • To find my roomie I posted on and craigslist. The cost of was $39.98 for 60 days and was not a great experience. Alot of people create profiles, but aren’t seriously looking on the site. I image they are too cheap to pay the fee. My roomie can from craigslist. No not all people on craigslist are crazy.
  • The TransUnion SmartMoves tenent screening cost $26.25. USAA offers this discounted price.
  • There are some things that need to be purchased prior to her arrival…toilet paper holder, shower curtain rod, hardware for the two window units for her bedrooms.

Let’s talk about making money!

  • I once told my friend that I wanted to live somewhere for $400 with washer & dryer in unit.
  • Rent is $650 per month and she will pay $300 bi-weekly.

What will I do with the money?

  • Give 10% – $65
  • Extra house payment – $585

What does this mean for Baby Step #6?

Mortgage Balance – 111,893.65
Payment – $844.51

Adding the extra payment each month will help pay the house off 6 Year(s), 7 Months sooner and avoid $12,318.74 in interest fees. (Graph from Mortgage Payoff Calculator at


Of course we all know I may or may not always have a second income (roomie or future husband) to help with the mortgage, but these numbers are for a best case scenario.  Worst case is 15 years!

I’m so excited to make my first extra payment!!!!


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