Money Monday – 26JUN

Week 25

All is well and fairly slow in my world. Most of my free time is spent thinking about how to create the life I want. As you know it is not something that comes to you overnight. The focus is on…

  • Being healthy (meal planning & physical fitness)
  • Making progress on baby step #6
  • Doing the things that make me happy (eliminating things that don’t)

ROOMMATE HUSTLE (Goal is $700 and half utilities)

A roommate is desired, but not necessary. The income will help towards paying off the house and building my Online Hustle. Last Monday the girl that was supposed to move in bailed out in a passive way. She traveled alot for work, so collecting her rent would have been the next best thing to FREE money. I was bummed about it falling through, but I want to believe that everything happens for a reason.

On Friday I got a email from another candidate who would be a good fit. She came to the house and loved it. We hit it off and she plans to rent from me unless something comes up. Once she completes the TransUnion SmartMoves tenant screening application we will move forward with a lease agreement. She wants to move next weekend.

Based on questions she asked I could tell you lives paycheck to paycheck and does not know Dave Ramsey. She asked about flexibility for paying the $250 deposit and the monthly payment due to her financial situation. I hope to introduce her to Mr. Ramsey if she does move in.


Festival Admissions

Norfolk has a festival almost every weekend. Some are free, but others cost money to enter and to enjoy food & drinks. I like to attend the event, but hate paying the inflated prices. I have found a way to get out paying the entrance fee and you can use this in your city.

Next time you want to attend a festival or event, but can’t or don’t want to afford the entrance fee sign up to volunteer. Yes, VOLUNTEER. For a few hours of your time you will most likely be granted free admission. Now you can splurge on a $7 funnel cake…just kidding keep the money in your pocket and enjoy the experience.

Reusable Bags

At the Bayou Boogaloo there was a Yelp! booth giving out reusable bags. The timing could not have been more perfect. I spilled gasoline on all the bags (12) I had collected over a years and had to throw them out.  Throwing them out was a relief because I wouldn’t need to pick an choose which one’s would have to go when I got to that category in my KonMari efforts. I do not recommend anyone collect free reusable bags unless they are needed.


We are all on a journey to financial peace, but it doesn’t mean we have don’t get to treat ourselves with a little splurge from time to time. Today I stopped into Fresh Market to pick up a pint of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, which was recommended by a friend. I was surprised to find that it cost $9.99 and thought it better be some amazing ice cream.

Let’s get some perspective on the cost…$9.99 seems like a lot for pint and no one in their right mind should pay that much for sugar and milk. It isn’t any more expensive than making two trips to Cold Stone or Marble Slab.

The Brown Butter Almond Brittle was delicious and very rich. If I am being completely honest, I might buy it again as a rare treat

How was the last week of your journey?



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