Cutting Cost by Changing Brands – WalMart vs Lidl

Listening to audiobooks has become a new past time for me, since work is pretty slow. Alot of what I have been reading is about getting things and life in order so it is more enjoyable. Believe it or not the advise is to get rid of or stop doing things. Once the seeds of information are planted in my head I start thinking about how to apply my new found knowledge.

Given that one of my goals is to make good financial decisions, I am looking at where I spend money unnecessarily. One of these area is brand loyalty. The seed for this was planted almost one year ago when I received 3 different brands of laundry detergent as a house warming gift. Until that point I had only purchased Tide. It is about time to buy more detergent, so I thought to myself “if I am willing to use other brands when they are free, why wouldn’t I use other brands to save money”. I know this won’t be a major saving but I do expect it to add up over time.

Lidl, a European grocery chain, has moved into a nearby city. It is supposed to be like Aldi, but better. Now I am challenging myself to try a different brand for everything not just laundry detergent.

Week 1 Results

  • Lidl did not carry red onions or canned pumpkin (seasonal item)
  • Lidl had cilantro in the plastic box, but not in the bunch. If I was thinking, I would have picked up the cilantro at Wal-Mart
  • Lidl carried bags of Granny Smith Apples, but you could not purchase single apples.
  • A trip to Walmart was required
Lidl Walmart
Tilapia Fillets  $4.99  $5.14
Cilantro  $1.69  $0.89
Grapes  $3.17  $6.35
Bell Pepper – Red  $0.99  $1.57
Lime  $0.25  $0.25
Bell Pepper – Green  $0.49  $0.58
Cucumbers  $0.49  $0.25
Russet Potatoes  $0.89  $0.93
Avocados  $1.29  $1.28
Strawberries  $2.99  $1.78
Crushes Tomatoes  $0.79  $0.82
Yellow Onion  $0.92  $0.78
 $18.95  $20.62

In total I saved a whole $1.67.  To me the savings is not worth making two stops at the grocery store. This trip was to pick up a few items, but next week I will have a longer list. We will see how they compare.

Other  value to consider:

  • Walmart has a pick-up service. You can shop online, schedule your pick up time and like magic your grocery shopping time was cut in half. At Lidl you have to spend the time in the store.
  • Lidl is farther away.
  • Walmart is a one stop shop most of the time.
  • Lidl did appear to have a better selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

To be continued next week…



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