Happy 6th TMMO Anniversary!


June 29th was my 6th Total Money Makeover Anniversary. I can’t believe it has been so long.

As I sit here and think back on the experience, I am proud of my efforts and amazed at the changes that have taken place in my life. When I started on this journey, I secretly wanted to be debt free so I could have the biggest wedding every when the day came. Today, I have definitely dialed back my future wedding plans and increase my focus on the present.

Today…I am a single, debt free, 32 y.o. woman preparing to walk away from my full time job to volunteer in Brazil for 6 months. Never in a million years would I have guessed that this is the direction I would be going in life. (My flight is schedule for 3 months and 9 days from now)

I am nervous about the change but I am confident that I will be okay as long as I continue to be intentional when I give, spend and save money. My goal to to reach $30k in savings to take care of expenses in the US and Brazil, with out digging into the emergency fund. The $30K include the $12K efund. Current savings total is $17,041.

Going forward I still believe and live by the 7 baby steps. When I return from Brazil in April 2014 and start working I will pick up where I left off.

Stay tuned, year 7 is going to be an adventure!!!

Past Anniversary Post

About Page has been updated for 2013.




  • $73,645 (3% raise in 2013, was $71,500 )


  • Beginning 2007: $20 per payday
  • Current 2013: $311.46 per payday (10% gross)


  • 2007 Begin Balance: $104,616.74
  • 2013 Current Balance: $0.00


  • 144 zero based budgets complete by hand or excel. I am still completing a budget every payday.

Credit Score: (www.creditkarma.com)
My credit score is not something I keep up with regularly, since I will eventually be on my way to zero in the future.

  • Rating: Fair
  • Score: 732  (down from 768  in June 2012)
  • Grade: B (down from A in June 2012)

Networth: (NetworthIQ)

  • 2007 Beginning Networth: -94,744
  • 2013 Networth:  29,764
  • Change in last year ($): 30,179



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